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Have you been shying away from sewing on paper because it seems to be too daunting a task? The Cutter Bee makes embellishing with fibers fun and easy. Each package contains a single and a double-row piercing Cutter Bee. When the tools are not in use, a safety feature allows the blades to be retracted inside.

For best results:
1. Roll the Cutter Bee across your paper on a soft surface such as cork, thin foam, Self-healing mat, mouse pad...etc.
2. Use finest needle possible and stitch through the pierced holes with specialty thread, ribbon or other fiber.
3. To create more intricate designs, make multiple passes with the Double Row Piercer. After first pass, align one row of points on tool so it re-pierces those holes and adds an additional row of punched holes.
4. After stitching is complete, turn project to wrong side and use needle to push paper back into holes for finished look.

Click on Piercing Bug Instructions for more instructions and usage ideas!

Dimensions: Each Cutter Bee Bug measures 1.5" wide x 3" long



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